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Join us in celebrating 60 years of MedicAlert Foundation protecting and saving lives by taking advantage of our special offer - all new MedicAlert members receive a FREE medical ID on August 24th. New members simply select a product to get started. Existing members can participate by sharing this offer with family and friends. Join us and help protect your loved ones with MedicAlert. Enjoy the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing they are safe and protected. Share the care today!

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Classic Bracelet

With an original stainless steel design, this durable medical ID features a simple and classic look with our globally recognized red MedicAlert tag. This bracelet is a dependable medical ID option for adults and children of all ages.

Silicone Bracelet

Whatever your "playground" might be, ensure you are protected and secure with this silicone bracelet. This simple silicone bracelet features a stretch style and does not require a clasp or buckle to remain secure.

Classic Pendant

Designed for everyday wear, this classic necklace is made of stainless steel and offers a MedicAlert medical ID pendant with black accents. A reliable choice for any outing.

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